Thursday, December 3, 2015

Heart of Christmas Advent Devotional for Kids Year 3 (Eva's First Christmas)

Excitement fills the air


Laughter floating down the stairs

The pitter patter of little feet


But what is the excitement all about?

It is the presents under the tree?

The lights and bright colors all around?

Have we forgotten why we celebrate?

What's happened to Christmas?

We celebrate a baby born long ago.

God's only son

Sent for us

To save us.

But why?

Why do we so easily forget?

Why do we let Satan win?

No more!

We are here because of God's heart.

His heart of love

The heart of Christmas

We worship not just baby in a manger,

But our risen Savior.

Let us not forget this year.

Let us teach our children not to forget

The real heart of Christmas.


Three years ago, I spent many hours looking for the perfect advent devotional. In my crazy and frantic search, God whispered an idea into my heart, from His heart to my heart, the Heart of Christmas.

For the past 19 years, my mother has given each of her children and grandchildren a heart shaped Christmas ornament, so I have this large and beautiful collection of heart shaped ornaments. Instead of just having them sit on a tree collecting dust, what if we picked one ornament for each day up to Christmas and paired it with a verse and short devotional and then put it on a special Heart of Christmas tree? Of course, we will keep careful tabs on whose turn it is to place the ornament on the tree, but that isn't the point, now is it? 

I will start posting the devotionals tomorrow, Friday, December 4 and will go through Christmas. The devotionals will be posted daily here on my blog and linking to them on Facebook, just as I have done for the past two years. I'm excited to take my kids through the Christmas season again with the focus of our hearts on Jesus. And I'm even more to excited to share it with Eva as this is her first Christmas with us. Please keep her in your prayers as she is still adjusting to her new home. 

I would love to have you join us on this journey into the heart of our Father, the true heart of Christmas.

Blessings this Christmas season!

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