Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Marvel of Language Acquisition and Adoption Realities

"I need to go potty." said a precious little voice said near me. 

"What?!" I replied, with more excitement than the normal for a jaunt to the potty while out and about. 

My Sweet Silly Girl Rocking Her New Bangs!

Yes, dear readers, this was Eva's first grammatically correct complete sentence, made on July 30, 2015. 

I apologize for the delay in relaying an update. We have been running from doctor's visit to work events to play time with friends before school starts again. I'm sure you all understand. ;) Having three active kids in middle of summer is quite the busy but fun time. 

Eva has been saying lots of things in English as we have reached the 3 month mark. She puts two or three words together as well as some whole complete sentences, out of the blue, without a question asked of her. I'm so proud of her work at learning and understanding the English language!

Our journey through language acquisition has been unique to each child. Grace was only 18 months when we adopted her so she never even learned Mandarin. She simply learned English 

Anthony was 8 when we brought him home so he was reading, writing and speaking fluently in Mandarin. It was much harder for him to grasp the structure of our sentences and to remember vocabulary. But, when you speak to him now, you would never know! He has done an amazing job of learning English and we have crossed a threshold with his Chinese as well. He can now think independently in one and switch over the other language with having to translate in his head like he was before. I'm so proud of him. 

Eva amazes me. Her ability to remember English vocabulary astounds me. I will tell her something and she repeats it a few times, with great pronunciation I might add, and remembers it! Oh to have the mind of a young child!

One of my favorite things she says quite frequently is "Nope!" Not "no", NOPE!! 

While the English language acquisition is going well, there are, of course, still struggles with discipline. This is the most difficult part of the transition this time around. Imagine being four years old, ripped from a safe and loving environment and then not only being asked to adjust and live with people who speak a different language but to also behave. I think we can all agree it would be hard. She gets frustrated daily which is completely understandable. She also is at the age where she sees things as black and white and needs clear direction but there is that tricky language barrier. We also definitely do things different from what she experienced in the foster home at the orphanage and require a certain level of respect that she is not used to as yet. She has a such a sweet spirit but is also constantly testing us (as toddlers do). "This is my toy, why should I share? I've never had my own toy, I don't want to share. I want things on my own terms." 

We would appreciate prayers for the continuing transition!

As summer has come to an end and our homeschooling has begun as well as the Pilates Instructor training that I lead, life is busy, but we will persevere through knowing when we we are weak (all the time!), He is strong!

Last Friday of Summer!!

First Day of Our Homeschool Coop!

After Coop! LOL

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