Monday, May 25, 2015

Finally in Guangzhou

Watching the Chinese countryside whiz by from the high speed train to Guangzhou was fascinating. It brought to mind the many books I have read about life in China and sent me off into my imagination wondering what life is truly like for these farmers.

I must admit the train experience was filled with some adrenaline raising experiences. Imagine me with two backpacks, two little girls (one of which doesn't speak English) and a squatty potty. Next, imagine the NYC Subway or DC Metro at rush hour and then picture the 5 of us, each rolling a suitcase and navigating the mad dash down the escalator to the train with a new child who clearly hadn't been on an escalator before.

Well, the good news is we made it to Guangzhou, safe and sound and to our room (although, there was construction right below our room that was super loud from 9 am to 6 pm so we are now in a different room because naps are a must for a certain four year old). Then, we were up the next morning for Eva's medical appointment and TB test (all adopted children over the age of 2 must be tested for TB before entering the U. S.). Eva did well with the doctors, asking them cute questions about what kind of doctor they were and such. Our guide, Jason, keeps telling us about the cute conversations she has with people. I can't wait to hear all she has to say once she learns English.

On Sunday we went to the Pearl Market which is six floors of wholesale jewelry shops; to quote Adam, a gentleman's worst nightmare. However, we were on a mission to get pearls so we were in and out in 30 minutes. Then, we were off to Shamian Island where we bought a few souvenirs and ate at Lucy's, a novelty American restaurant where many adoptive families eat. The island used to be where many of the final steps of the adoption process occurred but not any more. Now it is just a place for tourists to visit.

Today we went to the zoo and had fun in the CRAZY humidity checking out the animals.

We just got back from the River Cruise which was really cool!

What have we learned about Eva thus  far? She is a crazy, silly, precious little firecracker of a girl who has quite the stubborn streak. In China, they call girls from the Hunan province "spicy girls" and we got an extra spicy one! She loves to be silly but when she is upset, you know it! She is a polite little thing (except when she isn't getting her way, of course) and is always saying "thank you" and "your welcome" in Chinese, and if we accidentally bump into her and say sorry, she gets upset because she wants us to say sorry in Chinese since she doesn't know English yet.

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