Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thinking about Eva (and Lots of New Pics!!)

For so long it has felt as if time has been standing still on this third adoption journey of ours. Now, at 9 days and counting until our departure, it feels like there isn't enough time to accomplish all that needs to be completed before leaving! Of course, God's timing is perfect, but even with extra time, it still feels like I'm running around like a mad woman! We are finishing up school, I am prepping for Module 3 of the Level 1 Pilates training I am teaching, and oh, you know, preparing for a family trip to China. Packing for 5 people for two weeks in a foreign country is always fun!   

Amidst all this craziness and excitement, I opened my email today to find new pictures of our sweet girl. 
As I look at the pictures seen below in the slide show, I can't help but wonder what is she thinking as she looks at the photo album we sent and listens to our voices on the toy phone. While I am beyond excited at the thought of finally holding her in my arms and bringing a smile to her somber little face, my heart is so heavy with the thought of her how her heart will grieve for the only family she has ever known, her foster family, who seems to love her so much. But, she is our child, chosen for us by our heavenly Father. He will hold her and comfort her far more that I ever can or could as she learns that we are her forever family and God is her everlasting Father.  

How would you feel in her situation? Sad, scared, excited, both? I know I feel all those emotions. Imagine how it must feel to a four year old. 

I also can't stop gazing at these amazing pictures taken by my friend on the Gladney Superkids April 2015 Trip. It is such a blessing to have these and watch her countenance as they show her our care package and pictures. 

We also received an update on her size and she is a tiny little thing. She turned four in January and she weighs 28 pounds and is 39 inches. So, I am making a few changes to the clothing I had planned to bring! 

Please be praying for us and her, dear ones. Cover us in prayer!

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