Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Glimpse of Eva! (Yes, there are videos!!)

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year!!! It's been a busy and exciting few weeks and I have some fun things to share! 

First, we officially received our letter seeking confirmation or letter of authorization from China to adopt our precious Eva. Next step is U.S. immigration!  

Her Chinese name is Long Han Ting and she is waiting for us in Changsha in the Hunan Province. She had amniotic banding syndrome like Grace and she has deformities in her fingers and a club foot. Not only will my two sweethearts have this in common to bond them, they also will only be 13 months apart in age! We are so excited to see their sisterly love develop and grow! 

Then we celebrated Valentine's day.  Celebrations are hard knowing my third child is waiting across 1000's of miles for us, but God timing is perfect and hopefully in 6-10 weeks we will be holding her in our arms!

Now for the really fun part!!! We have two videos we can now share from the birthday party we threw for her from afar plus some pictures!! In one video they sing Happy Birthday in Chinese and in the other they sing Happy Birthday in English! Just precious and as you can imagine, we have watched them over and over. 

Additionally, we were able to send a cake for Chinese New Year and will be getting pictures and videos soon!!! 

Ok, ok, enough of the exclamation points! ;)


Blessings to all,

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