Saturday, January 10, 2015

Our Baby

With trembling fingers I opened the Dropbox folder containing new pictures of our precious girl who we have named Eva. We had been anxiously awaiting their arrival all week. Looking at her sweet smiling face is amazingly wonderful and at the same time heartbreaking because we want her with us. While we were able to provide her with a lovely 4th birthday party, we were not able to with her. It is such a blessing to have these pictures and at the same time so very hard. 

The waiting is hard but we press on, trusting in His timing, His plan and His love. He loves her more than we do and will bring us together at exactly the right time. 

I have not shared any pictures, because we typically wait until we receive the Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC), but I have decided to share just pic of her sweet face. Once we receive the LSC, I will give lots more info and pics/videos.

Join us in praying our LSC comes very soon!


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