Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's Eva 4th birthday today.

Deep in the heart of China

A little girl sits

Behind a birthday cake

4 candles grace the cake

While somewhere across the globe

A family of 4 sits

Staring at an empty chair and 

Waiting to become a family of 5.


January 5 is our Precious Eva's  (Long Hang Tin) Birthday. She turns 4 today or actually she already has since they are ahead in China. 


Dear Eva,

We are waiting for you and can't wait to celebrate your 5th birthday together as a family. 2015 is the year we become a family and we are so excited. We think about you daily, pray for you and love you already. We hope you enjoyed the birthday party we organized for you and hope it helped you to understand that we are here and waiting to be your forever family. Soon we will be together, dear one.


Mama, Baba, Anthony and Grace

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