Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Grace's wants a little sister . . .

For months now, Grace has been talking about getting a little sister. Here are just a few examples of the cuteness inspired by this desire. 

"I will sleep on the top bunk so she can be safe on the bottom, and if she gets scared, I will hold her hand."

"I think I will save the rest of my cookie for my little sister."

"I will hold her hand so she is safe from cars." 

"I will share my toys and let her have some of them."

The list goes on and on.

I usually would laugh and say, "one day, baby, you will have a little sister, but we don't know when, so for now, it is probably best to finish that cookie." ;)

Well, the wait won't be too much longer . . .  

Because . . .


God has brought us Grace's little sister, and His fingerprints are so clearly all over the journey that it takes my breath away every time I think about it. 

Meet Eva (long "E"). Ok ok, I know there isn't a picture in that frame yet, but trust me when I tell you she is adorable! We can't share her picture with you yet but we will the moment we can! 

She is a year younger than Grace and from the Changsha in the Hunan Province of China. Just for fun, see if you can find it as well as Fuzhou (Grace's birth city) and Shanghai (Anthony birth city). 

She has Amniotic Banding Syndrome like Grace and has a club foot, again, just like Grace. Stop and think about the implications. How awesome is it that God found a sister for Grace who has the same deformities! They will have this connection and bond that no one else can ever have with them. I LOVE you, omniscient Father!  

We have received Pre-authorization to adopt her and working on the last pieces of the dossier so we can really get this adoption ball rolling. I'll have to write a post soon about the joys of dossier paperwork to refresh your memories. 

We are sharing this news because we covet your prayers for us through the process. The waiting is difficult (a post on this coming soon on The Sparrow Fund Blog ) so please lift us up in prayer as well as our sweet Eva. 

Blessings to you all! 

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  1. So exciting to hear this wonderful news! Looking forward to following your journey to bring your daughter, Eva home.

    We are adopting our fifth child and our second daughter, from Bulgaria. We are finishing up all our paperwork now and hope to be done by the new year. Then we wait for God's perfect timing and trust in His surpassing greatness.

    Thank you for sharing your heart through your blog.

    In love and grace,




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