Monday, September 22, 2014

Check out my guest post . . . A Lesson in Trust

Head over to the Sparrow Fund Blog today and check out my guest post HERE

Here is a little preview . . . 


How many of us like to wait? 

I've always disliked waiting.  Even as a child, it was one of my least favorite things. I liked to know the ending of stories before I finished reading or watching them, much to the dismay of many family and friends (this is still true today, just ask my husband!).
I didn't like waiting for presents. As a child, I used to scour the house every year looking for my mom’s latest hiding place for presents which were typically neatly packed in a lovely flowered cardboard box. Sometimes I was successful in finding “the box”, sometime not. One year I came home from school, walked back to her room looking for her, only to discover the “present box” open on her bed! Pure bliss!

Now that you've had a glimpse into my childhood, translate this to my adult life. I’m sure you can imagine all the lessons God has had to teach me in patience and trust. 

Then, translate this again to the adoption wait. Nail bitingly difficult for me! 

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