Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Special Giveaway for the Man in Your Life!

In honor of my amazing husband's birthday week, I have a special giveaway! A devotional book made just for men! Adam read it and  provides us with thoughts as well, so this week it is pretty momentous. Not only did Adam have a birthday, but he will be a guest writer on my blog. My husband is an outstanding wordsmith, and I need to get him on here more often. He has made appearances in the past when we were in China and it is high time we get him on here again. So here's a little taste with hopefully more to come! 


Man Stuff by Josh Turner

Adam's Review! 

If you are a country music fan, the name Josh Turner probably means a lot more to you than it did to me. All I know of him is what I've seen in his devotional book, Man Stuff: Devotional Thoughts on Faith, Family, and Fatherhood. 

The book is primarily a series of short stories recalled by Josh from different stages of his life, each of which is accompanied by a Bible verse and a fairly direct moral or application. There are some exceptions to this formula; for instance, Josh gives some movie recommendations (prefaced by Philippians 4:8) in one entry. On the whole, though, much of the book consists of examples of how we (as men) are to live our lives according to what the Bible teaches. 

The book is not intended to be a study devotional. It's very much a book that would be best in the hands of a new believer or someone who is struggling with some of the basics of the Christian walk. In other words, it leans heavily on a foundation of Christian beliefs without invoking "The Lord sayeth...." 

This book would be a great gift for the young high school, college, or even pre- or young-married man who might need a bit of help in knowing what it means to be a man of God (as we all did--and still often do!). A familiarity with Josh Turner (or Duck Dynasty--Jase Robertson from that show gives the foreword) would likely get this book's spine cracked as well!


*Provides much needed practical advice and spiritual encouragement for men and dads and the unique challenges they face

*Written by country superstar and father of three Josh Turner

*Features personal insights and true stories from a trusted role model

*Perfect gift for men, husbands, and dads of all ages


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