Thursday, August 21, 2014

60 years

This is a difficult post to write but I want to honor my amazing parents who would be celebrating their 60th anniversary today, August 21, 2014. My wonderful, loving, caring, godly father was taken home by a car accident in 1995 when I was a senior in high school. I will never forget that fateful night but I am thankful for all the information God gave us about my father's testimony in the hours leading up to his journey to his true home. (See my post about remembering my father HERE.)

After having been married now for 14 years and together for 19 to the love of my life, Adam, I now have a better understanding of the loss and pain my mother felt and still feels with the homegoing of her partner, best friend and forever love. Their marriage was and continues to be a testimony and example to me unconditional love and support. 

What is marriage?



Never ending






Even when you're sad






Through the hard times

Good times

Pain and tears

Joy and laughter 


Marriage is hard work and a commitment to love not matter what may come your way. 

I look forward to celebrating 60 years one day with my love, should it be God's will. 


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