Thursday, July 3, 2014

Making Up for Missed Memories


So many Memories. . . 

Kids and most parents everywhere long for the lazy hazy days of summer.

I remember waking up with great anticipation on that Monday that was the first day of Vacation Bible School (VBS) each summer. Excitement filled the house and the car as we drove to church. To this day, when I step outside on a warm summer morning, those memories of VBS fill my mind.

I remember the joy of heading to swim with friends and whiling away the hot summer afternoons like fish.

I remember spending warm summer evenings playing with friends in the yard, making up all sorts of stories that took us on crazy adventures.

We missed many summer memories with Anthony; I don't want to miss any more!

Grace will say, "Remember, Mommy, when . . . " and Anthony will get a sad distant look on his face. I know he is thinking about how he wasn't there to take part in that particular memory. In those moments, I always quickly remind him that God's plan and timing for us becoming a family was perfect. He usually smiles and nods, but I know the pain is still there. 

This is one of the faces of adoption. But you can't dwell in the what ifs and missed moments. Instead, we forge ahead making new and amazing memories and filling their heads with the joy, laughter and peace that comes only from our Father above.

Here is a glance at some of the summer memories we have made thus far. 

Just some summer cuteness!

Excelling at his first swimming lesson!

Summer Bubble Tea!

Father's Day! 

Matching T-shirt day!

Ready for their next spy mission!

Sunglasses always create a great disguise for a spy. 

Headed out for a fun evening with friends!

Grace's first swimming lesson!

Summer Fun Blessings to all!

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