Friday, June 20, 2014

Will you answer His call?

"Kings and Queens" by the Audio Adrenaline started playing on the radio today. I haven't heard the song in months.  As I listened, my mind was flooded with memories. 

It reminded of when we first brought Anthony home and were struggling with language barriers and frustration that comes form miscommunication. This was one of the first songs that he truly understood, and it was so amazing to watch the joy in his eyes when he heard this song, a song that the beauty of adoption and caring for the least of these. 

Listening to it today inspired the following thoughts:



All over the world 


Waiting for someone to love them.

Looking for hope

Looking for family

Will we answer their lonely desperate cries?

Some of us are called to adopt

Some of us are called to pray

Some of us are called to serve

All of us are called to action.


How beautiful is the parallel

Of human adoption

And spiritual adoption.



All over the world


Waiting to learn about the Hope

The Hope that is within us.

Will we share

Without meekness and fear?

Will we proclaim the name of our God

Who adopts us as sons

Making us co-heirs with Christ, our Savior?


Will we answer His call?

Will we care for the widows and orphans?

Will we share His good news without reservation?

What will you do?


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