Monday, April 7, 2014

Thinking about Adoption? Check out my "Navigating the Explosion - You Are Not Alone" Book Review!!!


A word that fills my mind with excitement, vivid memories and reflections.

I remember when we first knew it was God's calling for our life.

I remember the thrill that filled my heart with urgency at the beginning the paperwork chase which quickly turned into frustration.

I remember that moment we knew we had found our children.

I remember the waiting. 

I remember the indescribable joy and uncertainty when we first met each child.

I remember the fear of the unknown.


I now know the love, joy, laughter, pain and tears that is the ongoing adoption journey of bonding and growth as family. 

Are you considering adoption?

Are you just starting the journey?

Are you struggling with the waiting?

Are you counting the days down until you meet your child?

Are you in the middle of raising kids you don't understand or you think might never love you?

Please read this amazing book my blogging friend, Allison Schumm, has put together! Grab a box of tissues, settle in with your iPad or tablet, and traverse this journey Allison has compiled. As an adoptive mom of two precious children, I identified with the letters included on each step of journey, revisiting many feelings and experiences and finding comfort and encouragement from those further along the journey! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 

Allison has compiled groups of letters from adoptive moms and dads and adoptees based on each stage of the adoption journey with intent of bringing encouragement, support and understanding to those on the same journey.  

She divided the letters up into chapters detailed below.

  • The Call focuses on following God's call on your life to adopt.
  • The Wait seeks to encourage you as you work through the sledge of paperwork, being matched and waiting.
  • The Honeymoon looks at that beginning period of time where all seems to be moving along fabulously until suddenly it isn't.
  • The Groove discusses the day in and day out of life with your adoptive child.
  • The Future is a section filled with beautiful letters from children reflecting on their adoption.
  • The Others ends the book filling in some missing pieces with a letter to a birth mom and thoughts for those looking from the outside at adoptive or foster families. 
Go to Allison's blog, The Schumm Explosion, to learn even more about her book, Navigating the Explosion - You are not Alone, read an excerpt and other reviews! You can purchase her book on her Etsy shop for $4.99.



Allison is a busy mom of 14 beautiful blessings ranging from 18 to 1 year old. She married her knight in shining armor in of May 2004 and they started the first step in their adoption journey in the end of 2005 just 18 months after they were married. Jonathan and Allison are vocal advocates for adoption, they believe that God places the lonely in families and keeping siblings together is the best.

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