Friday, April 18, 2014

One Little Hand and One Little Heart

One little hand

One little hand raised in praise

One little hand where there were none

One little hand signifying love

Love for the Savior.

One little heart

One little heart filled with understanding

One little heart praising God

One little heart full of love

Love for the One who saved him.


My heart is filled to the brim tonight with gratefulness and love for our Father who brought my little boy from China into our family and held him tightly until he began to understand the depth of His love for us.

Tonight at our Good Friday service, I witnessed our precious son, who last year was struggling to understand English, our love for him and his place in our family, lift his hand in praise to the Lord. We were singing "Amazing love" and I looked over at him to discover this sweet boy singing his heart out to God. His little hand went up in praise even though no one else had their hands up. He then told me later that that was the first church service where he had really focused on God. AMAZING!  

You Are My King (Amazing Love) - Newsboys (Music Video With Lyrics) from 24william24 on GodTube.

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