Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Celebrating our risen Lord with a beautiful giveaway for you to share with your kids.

What are you doing to prepare your kids for Easter? This is Easter is very special for us because this is the first Easter that Anthony understands the significance and importance of Christ's death and resurrection. Last year was his first Easter with us, and he had only been in the U.S. for about 3 months so clearly his understanding of what was happening on Easter was limited. But this year, I am filled with joy as I watch his understanding and knowledge of Christ grow along with his desire to share the gospel with others.   

I am very thankful for some amazing tools that have crossed my path to aid me in our Easter preparation! My sister purchased the Family Life Resurrection Eggs for us several years ago, and this is the first year that I have been able to pull them out and share the story of the week leading up to Christ's death and resurrection with my kids.

I also have the privilege of sharing with you, my readers, the beautiful story of The Legend of the Three Trees brought to life in a 30 minute movie. My kids watched the whole movie transfixed and unmoving which never happens! It is such a wonderful story of God's plan for your life and His plan to save us from our sins! Sign up below to win a copy to show your kids!

The Legend of the Three Trees - DVD

*ages 4-7

*Beautifully animated classic folktale

*Teaches children the important lesson that they are significant and God has a special role for them to play


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Have a blessed Easter,


  1. We always spend time with our family on Easter. We've done a few things with the kids off and on, but this year, for the kids, I am planning on doing Resurrection Rolls at brunch.

  2. We go to church with our family and then lunch and a egg hunt. These are some great tools. Thank you so much.

  3. Usually on Saturday we have a family meal with hubby's family. Sunday is an egg hunt at our house, reading the Easter story, church, then a family meal with my family.




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