Sunday, March 23, 2014

Who's the lamb in your life? Really Woolly 12 Little Blessings Book Giveaway!

I have always loved lambs. I could say it is because Jesus is the Lamb of God (John 1:29) or because He is our shepherd and we are His sheep (John 10:11-18), but while there is some truth to that, the real story begins many years ago in the simple heart of a child. 

It all started with Little Lamb and Bambi, my two favorite stuffed animals from childhood. Sadly, Little Lamb was lost. My mother said I used to wander about the housing, calling, "Little Lamb, Little Lamb, where are you, Little Lamb?" My heart was temporarily broken but Bambi came to fill that lamb void. In fact, I still have Bambi safely stuffed in my sock drawer. It's for own his protection, of course. There are dangerous creatures roaming about our house, ready to pounce on a helpless little lamb.

Bambi went on many journeys and adventures with me through life, even college, but as you can see, Bambi finally got old and pretty tired, wanting to only hang out on my bed and now my drawer. 

Not only did I love lambs, but also I joined a Christian sorority in college aptly named Sigma Phi Lambda, Sisters for the Lord. We called ourselves Phi Lambs and I LOVED it! It was at this point that I discovered the darling line of Really Woolly cards.  I absolutely love them and many a friend and family member has a received one of these cards from me. So now, you won't be so surprised when you get one of these. 

With Bambi in retirement upon my marriage, there wasn't a new lamb in my life. So, one day, not long after I began working for Senator Inhofe, my mom sent me a package that contained my own stuffed Really Woolly Lamb. Really Woolly, as I like to call him, came to work with me in the U.S. Senate Office Building and sat on my desk shelf for the seven plus years that I worked for the Senator. At this point in my life, looking at him reminded me that no matter what was happening around me, I am a child of God with a Savior who sacrificed His life for me. Now, he sits on a bookshelf in my room. 

So as you can see, I LOVE lambs, and I was beyond thrilled to see that I can share this with my children with this precious book from Tommy Nelson. Not only is this darling book filled with drawings of my favorite lamb, Really Woolly, but it also teaches counting and the importance of God's blessings in our life to our children!

Really Woolly®: 12 Little Blessings

*ages 3-7

*Perfect way to teach your children about different ways that God blesses them

*Lyrical, rhyming text counts down from twelve blessings to one, reminding little ones that God sends blessings because He loves them

*Each blessing is paired with a scripture and a prayer


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Blessings from one lamb to another, 


  1. I had never heard of Really Woolly before until reading this but it looks like a really great book! My daughter is only 7 months old but she'll be 3 years old one day :)

  2. I try and remind my son to say thank you to God for things He gives us such as food!

  3. We try to talk about things ever day as they happen. It makes them very real and keeps it fresh. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. We talk about the blessings that God has given us daily and we thank God for them regularly. Also, I make a point to teach them this when they are having an attitude that is not thankful for all they have.

  5. We talk about this often in our Bible lessons. I love the lamb approach, one of our kiddos was a NICU baby and at almost 11 still snuggles every night with her "lamby"that was a gift from an elderly friend to her in the NICU.

  6. We talk about this in our daily devotions, prayers and just thanking God for the beautiful day!

  7. I love visual reminders like your Really Woolly lamb. I know I can get so caught up in our family's daily struggles, that unless I have something right in front of my eyeballs, I can sometimes forget to pause and reflect on the blessings I already have. I try to pray with my daughter multiple times per day about the things we can be thankful for.




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