Thursday, March 27, 2014

Are you trusting God? Hermie and Friends "I Will Trust God" DVD GIVEAWAY!!!

So I thought it was pretty fitting that my other giveaway this month is for Max Lucado's Hermie and Friends "I Will Trust God" DVD given that trusting God has been my life theme for the past month. Don't you just LOVE how God works?

Of course, we should always trust God at all times and in every circumstance, but recently, our faith has been tested as we waited to hear if my husband's job contract would be renewed for another year. It was very up in the air, so we were truly in that place of uncertainty, that place where all that is left to do is TRUST GOD. And, of course, as God has proven to us time and time again, He is faithful and will provide for us. Yes, Adam's contract was renewed, and unbeknownst to us, just in time, which is how God works, right? He gets the glory in His timing and His way. You see, we thought Adam's contract went until July 9, turns out it only goes until April 30. But God knew and gets all the more glorified for His amazing work of providing for us in our greatest time of need. 

Yep, this happened, so I just went with it. ;)

So as we have seen God work in our lives in amazing ways, so we want to teach our children these truths as well. This sweet DVD does an excellent job of this. The first episode, "Hermie and the High Seas" is a play on the story Noah and the importance of trusting God even when you don't understand. In the second episode, "Who is in Charge Anyway?", children learn to trust that God has given them each special and unique talents and that He has an amazing and wonderful plan just for them. 

Hermie and Friends: I Will Trust God No Matter What DVD

*ages 4-7

*Teaches children important lessons about trust God, no matter what the circumstance


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  1. Hermie and Friends! One of my favorites :)

  2. I feel God calling me to start work in adoption ministry even though I have very little experience (my major is education/teaching). My goal is to open a bookstore and help families fund their adoptions. :)




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