Monday, February 10, 2014

Story Contest Continued . . . Read an additional scene here!

There are three weeks left in the fantasy story contest I entered! If you have already read my story, I wanted to give you a little bit more of the story. If you have yet to read it, here is a little taste. Below you will find an additional scene! I just might even post another scene before the end of the contest!

You can read my story and learn more about voting for my story

My submission is Sample #7 (so you have to scroll down the page a bit). Read my friend Elissa's story as well; her story is sample #2. There's still plenty of time to get your votes in for both of us!

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"Fight for Ardenia" continued . . . .

The wind whipped through the trees pushing Rodwen into a nearby trunk. She paused for a moment resting her head against the tree and contemplating the scene before her.

She had read all sorts of stories about the red oak but she had never actually seen it. As the light of dawn began to creep across the sky, the first rays of sunlight alighted on a rather scrawny red oak almost hiding among the much stronger and older looking trees.

According to the Great Book, Elohim himself had placed the red oak there at the beginning of time. His followers believed that somehow it could provide those in need with exactly what they needed at the moment of their greatest weakness.

Could it be true? Her mind was a flurry of thoughts. What if it wasn't just a story? In these dire and trying times, she thought they should consider every avenue. But what did that story of the red oak even mean? What could a tree possibly do to alter a war? To someone as self assured and confident as she, the idea of succumbing to weakness terrified her, but these were desperate times.

There were factions of Elohimians spread throughout the land who truly believed in Elohim, his Great Book and plan for Ardenia. Perhaps she should seek them out . . .

A twig cracked loudly behind her, breaking her reverie and sending a chill down her spine. She quickly crouched down, desperately hoping the tree would hide her from whoever was approaching.

As the figure entered the clearing, she instantly relaxed, realizing it was just Prince Cordon, and chided herself at being so jumpy.

Cordon looked down at her, a smile playing at his lips,

"I wasn't sure you would come."



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