Friday, January 24, 2014

I entered a Short Story Contest and need YOUR HELP!

I have always wanted to be writer, specifically a fiction writer. In the 1st grade I wrote my first story with a spelling word list. It was about the Oklahoma Land Run with a few traces of influence from Laura Ingalls Wilder. Sadly, I don't know what happened to it, so now I can only imagine what it must have entailed. :)

At one point, I even spent a year working on my masters in English with the intention of getting a Ph.D. so I could write and teach, but God had different plans.

Instead, I spent eight years writing for a United States Senator which was an amazing experience where I learned many things about writing. During this time, I struggled with infertility for five years, culminating with me writing a Bible study on infertility for a Moody Bible Institute class I was taking at the time. God whispered in my heart then that this was a ministry for me but I pretty much pushed it to the back burner, telling myself that I didn't have time.

After leaving the Senate and moving back to Texas, I started my blog and found my own voice as well as rekindling my love of writing fiction which I hadn't done since my creative writing classes in college. 

All this being said, my ultimate desire is to write Christian fiction, but I know that along the way, I can't run from God's desire for me to write a book on infertility. So, as I have some fun writing fiction, I will not forsake my calling to minister to women struggling with infertility. Stay tuned for more on this. You can check out a poem and some thoughts I have written on infertility HERE.


My friend and fellow aspiring writer Elissa Peterson shared this fantasy story writing contest with me and we both entered! Now we are asking our friends to help us launch our careers as published authors by voting for our stories. ;)

Visit the following link on Brock Eastman's blog to read our stories. He has asked that you email him at ranking the stories from 1 through 9 by midnight on February 28.

My story - Sample 7 - Fight for Ardenia

Elissa's story - Sample 2 - A thief in the night

Thanks so much for helping us out and please pass this along to your friends!!





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