Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gotcha Day . . . one year later!

One year ago today, we were standing in a cold conference room at the Shanghai Children's Home waiting for our boy. Then he walked in the room, smiled through his fear, and said "I love love, Mother; I love you, Father" and our lives changed forever.  

I can barely remember life without him. It seems as if he has always been here, and in a sense, he has. God chose him for us before the foundation of the world. He placed Anthony in our hearts before he was even a thought in our finite minds. What a mighty God we serve!

First Photo ever with my new son!

The past year has taken us on an amazing journey far beyond our imaginations. Never in my wildest dreams or fantasies of my future life (of which there have been many) did I ever picture myself adopting an 8 year old boy. When Adam first told me that he wanted Anthony, the fear that rose in me was fierce but stronger yet was the gentle voice of God whispering, "trust Me".

"'For my thoughts are not your thoughts, 
neither are your ways my ways,' 
declares the Lord." (Is. 55:8, NIV)

Adoption is all about trust.

Trusting that God will provide a child for you.

Trusting that God will provide the funds you need for the adoption costs.

Trusting that God will protect and love your child while someone else holds them.

Trusting that God will comfort them when they are ripped from the only life they have ever known.

Trusting that God will meld and knit your family together for His glory.

And now, here we sit, one year later . . . still trusting, as each new day brings

More love

More joy

More frustrations

More openness

More peace

More trust

What an amazing year!

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  1. Love these smiles!! Congrats on a year with your sweet young man!




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