Thursday, November 14, 2013

He Knew

Photo courtesy of  Michelle My Belle Photography

The day did not go as I had pictured it. My baby turned four on November 12 and I was sick with the stomach flu. All I wanted to do was hold her, but I was afraid to for fear of passing on unwanted illness. So I sit here now with a heavy heart for several reasons, one of which I will share with you. I may have missed out on holding my baby on her actual birthday, but I can hold her today, her finding day, the day she was found abandoned. 


He Knew

I wish I could have found you

Held you in my arms from that very first moment

But that was not God's plan.

Someone else found you

Took you in

Fed you

Rocked you

Watched you learn to walk

But He knew and was holding you for me.

We will never know exactly why

They left you that day in November

And that's ok

Because God had plan for you, my love, and for me

Before the foundation of the world.

He knew how many hairs would be on your gorgeous head

He knew every detail of your sweet fingers and toes

And, as He knew and formed you in another's womb,

He filled my emptiness with love for you.

He knew how precious you would be to us. 

He knew the joy you would bring to all those you touch.

He knew the perfect time. 

He knew you would change our lives forever. 



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  1. You are so sweet and blessed and so wonderful at blessing others. I love you and am so proud of the woman, wife and mother you have become.




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