Friday, November 1, 2013

God's Love for You Bible Giveaway . . . Precious Book!

We have been reading this precious book, God's Love for Storybook Bible, with Anthony each night for the past couple of weeks and he LOVES it! The Bible stories are clearly stated with beautiful illustrations. Anthony loves to discuss the stories at length to ensure his understanding. We also love that following each Bible story you find a current day story of people helping others or people who have been helped by the ministry, World Vision. It teaches compassion and expands your child's understanding of the world and how we can help others.

Anthony has a voracious appetite for learning about God. Recently, we have had many theological discussions all of which have lead to his desire to be a missionary! He wants to bring the gospel to China and others all over the world who haven't heard about God! It so sweet and amazing to see how God is working in Anthony. I am continually astonished and amazed at the theological questions this boy who had not even heard of God 10 months ago asks me.

Thank you to Tommy Nelson and World Vision for collaborating and creating such a wonderful resource and teaching tool for parents!

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  1. So far what we've done is try to get Penelope involved in packing Operation Christmas Child each year. We also keep her involved in the process and letter writing for our sponsors children.

    Hopefully now that she is getting a bit older we can do other more hands-on service projects.

  2. We love to go to nursing homes and visit the residents.

  3. Well he's still young, but we are teaching him to reach out to others by being kind and not hitting others! :)

  4. i love hearing the stories of how what God is doing in Anthony's life!




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