Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Story of Adoption

The years that I missed will always haunt me 

Never feeling their life grow in my womb

The baby cuddles and smells

Late night feedings

First smile, first laugh, first step, first word

Kissing boo boos and bandaging knees

First days of school 

Comforting broken hearts 

Birthday after birthday, without us

Different things missed for each child

The sense of loss still lingers 


Thankfulness abounds

Over God's perfect timing 

Over each moment and memory we do have

Over each new discovery and bonding moment

Over the fact that He choose us to raise them

This is the story of adoption 


Why do they have to grow up so fast?

It seems like just yesterday we were in that sultry hotel conference room meeting our 18 month old baby girl.

And almost a year ago we sat huddled in a cold conference room waiting to meet our 8 year old boy.

And over the past months, it seems that my babies are growing up 


No longer the toddler

Ready to take on the world

No longer the baby faced boy we first saw

Growing more mature every day

So we will cherish every moment we have with them

Holding on those memories of laughter, joy, sadness, and love 

Thanking our God in heaven for His most precious gifts. 


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