Friday, October 4, 2013

Prayer Requests for a Boy from China

One week from today (Friday, October 11) Anthony will be having his hand surgery. I decided I better go ahead and write this post now, because I know over the next week I will get buried in preparation, packing, travel, stress, soothing my scared boy and anxiety, working to cast my cares on the ONE who loves me and my family more than we can fathom.

Next week, we will be traveling to Dallas to Scottish Rite Hospital for one of the premiere pediatric hand surgeons in the U.S. to work on Anthony's hand. The same surgeon worked beautifully on Grace's hand so we are thankful that God led us to such skilled surgical hands.

Their plan for his hand is amazing and going to provide him mobility and a opposable thumb. The thumb on Anthony's right hand has no bones, so they will be removing it and moving his index finger to the place of the thumb to provide him the ability to grab things as we do.

He will have a hard cast on for 10-12 weeks, then a soft cast with lots of physical therapy.

Prayer Requests:
  • Anthony is, of course, very nervous about this surgery. Prior to our explaining that he would get special sleep medication, he thought they were going to wait for him to fall asleep and then just cut off his finger. Needless to say, he is very grateful for the "special medicine" but he is still nervous because he knows it will painful.
  • Prayer for the surgeon as she works on his hand and for a smooth surgery.
  • Prayer for Adam and I as we wait through the surgery. Waiting while they operate on your child is difficult. There is a lot of wondering, praying and refocusing. 
  • Prayer for his recovery, healing process and physical therapy
  • Please keep us in your prayers too as we muddle through life with a hard cast. We have had cast fun in the past with Grace and it is not always the easiest thing.
Precious, precious boy, we love you with all heart and are so thankful to God for bringing you into our life! 

Adoption is our calling; God's plan for our life. The journey is not always simple and easy. Sometimes it is difficult and hard; sometimes it is wonderful. At times, it is filled with grief, and other times, it is filled immeasurable joy. All the times, I thankful beyond words for the life and children God has given us!

Thanks for all your support and prayers.


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