Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One Brave Boy from China!

Picture a boy from China thinking he would live his whole thinking he would always have a dysfunctional thumb. 

Imagine being ripped from the only country and home you have ever know to be whisk off to a new country with a new language, new family, new home, and new friends.

Imagine being told that something that always been a part of you is going to be removed, yes, to make your life and functionality improved, but still . . . 

Imagine thinking that they were just going to cut off that floppy thumb without any pain killers. Horrifying thought for an 8 year old boy.

Imagine the relief when you learn they have "special sleep medicine". :)

Our boy from China, though scared and unsure, held his head high and was so strong and brave through the whole experience this past week. 


Thumb to removed depicted here
We love Scottish Rite Hospital!

We spent most of the day Thursday going through tests and preparation and getting set up in the his hospital room.

Tuckered out after a long day of prep . . . time for a fun evening before . . . 

We spent the night at the hospital!
Anthony and I spent a thrilling (and quite cold) night in the hospital, then the doctors came to get him about 8 AM on Friday. Adam and I went with him to the waiting area just prior to his going back for surgery. The hospital staff had done such a great job of making him feel calm, welcome and safe that the OR staff couldn't believe it when we told them he had not received any of the "happy juice" typically used to calm children's nerves! That's our silly, confident boy. 

Ready for surgery!

Heading back!

Who needs "happy juice"?!
The surgery took almost four hours which we spent waiting with family in the hospital cafeteria. They removed his floppy thumb and cut out bone to move his index finger into position so it can be used as thumb. The surgeon said the surgery went great! Anthony spent the rest of the day sleeping off the anesthesia and just resting. We weren't allowed to the leave the hospital until he had keep some food down, so Adam stayed the night with him again. We took him home in the morning. 

Post surgery

Awake briefly . . . 

Asleep again . . . 

Ready to go home!

Convalescing before heading home to San Antonio. 
He continues to do amazing well and has had little pain because we are working really hard as the doctors prescribed to keep him still for the the first couple of weeks. 

Here's a little good news. He only has to wear the cast for 6 weeks so it comes off on Wednesday, November 20! Much shorter than I originally thought, especially when you consider we have to keep the cast dry! Second, the physical therapy can be done at home by me! It is really just a matter of making him use his new thumb!!

Thank you so much for all the well wishes and prayers! We would ask for continued prayer for healing and for our boy who is frustrated at only being able to use one hand. Only 5 MORE WEEKS! ;)



  1. God is so gracious to us!!! What a beautiful boy and so thankful for the good news. Blessings and love to you all!!!!!

  2. Looks like he's doing great! GO Anthony! :)

  3. Glad things went so well! What a trooper!!




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