Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hope Springs Forth . . . Check out my guest post on infertility

Today I had the privilege of sharing a guest post about infertility on a dear high school friend's blog. I have written about infertility several times and it is passion of mine as I walked the path and believe it is a ministry that God has for me. I pray that this post will be encouraging to those traveling this difficult path. 

Here is a little teaser . . . 

Even now, after adopting, and having children more precious than I could have imagined, it is difficult to assuage the feelings of loss that rise inside me over missing out on the experience of carrying of my children in my womb. I would lying if I said a day doesn't go by when I don't feel some sadness over that loss coupled with great joy and thankfulness for all that God has provided . . .

To read my whole post, visit Aubrey Sampson's blog, Live Shamelessly

Thank you, Aubrey, for letting me share my heart!

I had to dig pretty deep to find this picture, Aubrey! :)


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