Wednesday, September 4, 2013

More thoughts on adoption attachment and a little fun. . .

As I mentioned last week, Anthony's attachment is growing in leaps and bounds. He is so sweet and loving, but is clearly thinking more and more about ways to connect to us. He wants us to play or sit by him on the couch. He tells me at least once a day that I am good mommy. :) Yesterday, he came up to me at my desk with several pictures from the album he brought with him from China and wanted me to put them up around my desk. Sorry for the poor pictures quality, but you get the idea.

It is interesting to compare and contrast Grace's attachment versus his. Grace's looked completely different because she needed us for everything since she was only 18 months when we brought her home. Therefore, she relied on us for all of her physical needs, thus making a quick needs based attachment, yet there was still the emotional attachment that had to happen slowly over time as trust is built. With Anthony, while he does have physical needs that we have to meet, it obviously isn't the the same degree as Grace's were. Instead, we had to prove to him that we are reliable, keep our word and love him no matter what he does. No, we will not send him back if he is bad (a common fear with older children).

I LOVE seeing attachment grow between us as family as well. We sit in our car listening to the chatter in the back seat and think about how precious they are and how thankful we are that we followed God's plan for our family into uncharted waters in faith.

Both of our children are amazing and we miss them every second we are apart. We do have lost time to make up for with both of them.

Just for fun, I have to share this. I proudly present to you Grace's first picture where she colored inside the lines on her own! I picked them up from the child care center at work this morning (I teach Pilates for two hours every morning) and Grace came running up with her picture! :)

Blessings to all this week,

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