Sunday, September 29, 2013

How do you encourage your kids to help others? Everybody Can Help Somebody Giveaway

I have the privilege this month of giving away a second book from Tommy Nelson, based on the amazing book, Same Kind of Different as Me. This sweet story is retold perfectly for kids and brings tears to eyes as you read it to your children. It such a sweet and inspiring story that follows the life of Denver Moore as he learns about God's love and shares that love with everyone he comes in contact with across the United States.

Denver Moore final words for the children were: "Tell them nobody can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody!" 

Everybody Can Help Somebody
*ages 4-8
*An encouraging retelling for children of the New York Times bestselling Same Kind of Different As Me
*Heart-tugging story that will help children see that they can make a difference in others' lives
*Teaches kids to make friends with others who are different than them
*Original art by Denver Moore and Ron Hall

Food for Thought (Please share in the comments! We are all looking for new ways to serve others and share that with our kids!):
-How do you encourage your kids to help others?
-Share how you serve as a family?
-In what ways do you explain people’s ‘differences’ to your kids?


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  1. We love to serve and really enjoy going to assisted living homes and spending time with the residents. We also really try to lead by example.




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