Monday, August 5, 2013

Considering Adoption? Check out Gladney's webinar!

Is adoption on your heart?

Considering China?

This coming Thursday at 7 PM CST, our amazing adoption agency, Gladney Center for Adoption is hosting a webinar for waiting children.

Listen to my friends, Pat Marcus, Erin Martin and April Uduhiri, share about precious children waiting in Shanghai for forever families. There will be two more webinars later this month with more children!

We found Anthony as a result of this program!

You can register for the webinar HERE. If you miss it, don't worry! We will be sharing a recording.

Additionally, I am excited to announce that Erin and I are working on a advocacy website as an offshoot of blogs where we will solely focus on waiting children. This will be launching once some pending technical difficulties are sorted out! Additionally, we be looking for those who have walked this path to share their stories.


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