Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Adoption and Attachment Reflections

As our attachment with Anthony and love for him grows, it is such a blessing to me and reminds me again and again of our relationship with Christ. His excitement over spending time as a family and just being together as a family is so refreshing. He shares more things with us about his past experiences; some sweet things like how pretty the girl he liked was at school in China and some that break your heart.

Today Anthony was looking at some silly photo booth pictures I have with Adam and with Grace and immediately wanted his own up there. So we took some! They are pretty silly, but I immediately knew that I had to take them when he asked. It was special bonding and attachment moment that I didn't want to miss out on! He wanted to create similar memories and have similar experiences and not feel left out. We have missed out on so many years and we need to make up for it!

Ok, from silly to serious for a moment. :)

How often do we let our own relationship with Christ grow stale? Why does pure joy over just spending time with Him evade us so easily? I know from experience that as my relationship with Christ grows deeper day by day, I am more open with Him, more real with Him and crave His presence. Why do I let it so easily fall to the bottom of my priority list?

Food for thought, my friends, and perhaps some shift in priorities.


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