Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Camp . . .

Summer Camp . . . I'm sure we all have some distant memories of our days at various summer camps, whether our experience was good or bad, that bring a smile to our face. 

It's Anthony's turn. 
Ready for camp!
Thanks to the work of the Holy Spirit and the generosity of others, Anthony has the privilege of attending Pine Cove Base Camp this week at our church Wayside Chapel .

So here we sit, in the middle of camp week. Anthony is having a blast, and we are praying fervently for his knowledge and understanding of Christ to increase. 
Fun with Friends
I never thought about how much I miss seeing his smiling face throughout the day until we hit this week. 

Grace and I are having lots of fun! :)

Please continue to pray for the salvation of our precious boy (and girl). It is very clear that God is working in his heart. 


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