Thursday, July 11, 2013

Remembering the little things . . .

We all have things our children say and do that we want to remember always and wish they would never outgrow. This post today was born out my desire to forever remember the sweet, silly and fun things my children do.

Here are a few I want to remember at this particular moment. 

Grace absolutely cannot say "Anthony" correctly. After much discussion and practice to no avail, we just let her say his name in her cute little voice.

She pronounces it like this: "Ant - ny".

Even Anthony just lets it slide now, which was not always the case. :)

For quite some time, Grace called MacDonald's, "O'Donnell's" which we absolutely loved. It was the cutest thing, and we used to joke that we were heading the local Irish Pub. :) But suddenly, one day, I guess she realized it was called MacDonald's (much to our dismay), but the fun didn't stop, because now, she calls it "Old MacDonald" and sings the song every time she sees one! LOVE IT!!!

Oh, Anthony, what a personality you have!!  What cracks me up about him right now is how he says "I don't know". Obviously, I can't recreate the intonation and inflection he uses here on this page, but trust me, people, it is awesome! :)

Much love and blessings,


  1. Charlotte used to call my husband Amp-pa....he was sad when she learned to say Grandpa correctly.
    It's so good to record (in some way) sweet memories from childhood. As I've gotten older it's become harder to remember all the dear things my children did.

  2. Yep. I've felt this way with each child. And most of the time I didn't think to record it. Hopefully I can get some of Caylie's cute words!




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