Monday, July 8, 2013

Reflections on Adoption

Well, I finally was able to sit down and watch "Somewhere Between"! I know I'm a little behind the curve, but what a fabulous documentary following the lives of four teenage adoptees now available on Netflix!

What struck me the most about the film was the juxtaposition in my mind between the girl who grew up in a Christian home versus the girl who grew in a lovely home but without Christ being the center. Both these teenage girls were struggling to understand and find their earthly identity. Are they Chinese, American, or a Chinese American? In the end, and laced throughout her whole story, it became very clear that the girl who was a believer was completely secure in her identity in Christ. In fact, the journey she goes through the film only solidifies her deep rooted belief that God has an amazing purpose and plan for her life. I found this very encouraging as a mom of adopted children. This is what we want for our children. We want them to understand that they are children of God, precious in His sight, with an amazing story waiting to unfold before them.

Additionally, as result of my following the "Somewhere Between" twitter account, twitter sent out its obligatory "you might also like these" email. As I was looking at the twitter accounts suggested to me, I was saddened and somewhat surprised to find an account of an adoptee who is adamantly anti-adoption. I imagined that there are people out there who are against adoption, but this was the first time I have been slapped in the face with it. Her hatred toward infertile women seeking to adopt was like a venom shot straight to my heart. Initially, I was upset by her poisonous posts, but the Holy Spirit started to whisper in my heart, "pray for her". So, as I sat there praying for this unknown girl, the love that only comes from Christ whelmed up inside me for her, and I saw her through the eyes of my Savior as one who is in desperate need of Jesus, trying so hard to push anything and everything through that God sized hole in her heart.

All of this together reminded me yet again of the importance of taking every step in our lives with Christ blazing before us. If Christ is not at the center of our lives, we can so easily stray from shadow of His Wings which are there to protect us, comfort us and guide us. Without Christ, we wander aimlessly through life without purpose and meaning, wondering why our lives have turned out as they have. I cannot thank God enough for sending His Son, Jesus, to die for our sins on that Old Rugged Cross. Praise God for His Love and Grace and may I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus.

Brad Paisley Sings a Powerful Easter Classic - The Old Rugged Cross from hulahan on GodTube.


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  1. Hubby and I had the same conversation about the girls in the film as we were driving home from seeing it. We definitely agree that we want C's identity to be rooted in Jesus and His plan for her life!




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