Monday, July 1, 2013

Meledeo Household Guidelines

Should I be flattered that my children's play this morning consisted of them pretending to be me and primarily involved the laying down of rules for the one who is not the "child"? 

Let me set this scene for you. :)

Eggs are sizzling on stove top while the children consume toast, and I spend a few quite moments sending an email. While I typing on the email, I pick up on their conversation and start to chuckle under my breath.

Anthony: "I am the child, and Grace, you are the Mommy." 
Giggles ensue.
Anthony: "Mommy, you can only play on the iPad for 45 minutes today because you play on the computer at work.
Grace: "But. . . "
Anthony: "You can't leave the table until we are all finished eating."
Laughter and giggles again.

This scenario continues on through the eating of their eggs until it time to leave with them taking turns being Mommy. 

I have to laugh, but I am relieved to hear them quoting the guidelines verbatim which means they actually were listening last night when we reviewed our guidelines due to some changes we made.

One of my friends asked how often do we review them, and what are they, so I figured I could do a blog post rather posting it all Facebook as it is rather lengthy. Of course, many of them are discussed, revisited and pointed out daily/weekly, but whenever we make a significant change, we sit down and review of all them. 

These are the guidelines that Adam and I set out for our children after much prayer, discussion and consideration of what is best for our two children right now in the summer. Each family will a little different with different focuses, but all of us have the goal to bring glory to God, serve others and obey His commandments, right? :) There are probably some missing that I will think of in the middle of night, and there are ones that may change based on how our children are acting. I am merely posting these to start the juices flowing in others if they need a little inspiration. 

House Guidelines

1)          Obey Mommy and Daddy without question and with respect the first time.

2)          Share with others. 

3)          Good manners – we say please and thank you. If you don’t, the answer will be no.

4)          No hitting.

5)          If you do not obey, there will be consequences.

6)          Do daily chores cheerfully. 

7)          Each child is allowed up to one and half hours of TV watching per day together.

8)          Each child can play on the iPad or Kindle for one and half hours on Saturday and Sunday and for 45 minutes Monday-Friday. 

*we have a white board calendar we use to keep this 

9)          Ask Mommy or Daddy before watching TV.

10)      Ask Mommy or Daddy before playing with the iPad or Kindle.

11)      All snacks, food and drink must be approved by Mommy or Daddy.

12)      When we are eating, please do not leave the table until we are all finished eating.

13) If you tattletale, everyone gets a time out. 

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  1. These are great "guidelines" ! Our little Lia is getting to this point now where she needs this type of structure and she thrives with it.
    I am so glad to have found your blog. I love it.. and YES our girls remind me of each other too, as do our stories and path!
    Ally @ Even Miracles




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