Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Adoption Adventures - Guest Post - When God Calls You to Adopt

In today's Friday Adoption Adventures I have a fellow adoptive mom sharing her story with us! 

Enjoy, and thanks, Elissa, for sharing!!

My name’s Elissa, and I’m the Mama to four beautiful children. Three came along the old fashioned way, and the fourth joined our family from Russia after his 7th birthday.
As with most adoption tales, ours is filled with countless beautiful pictures of God’s intervention in our lives as He successfully moved Heaven and earth to put our youngest son in our home where he rightfully belonged.

This is the tale of the precise moment I received my call to adopt.


My husband and I had always planned to adopt someday, and even in those early days when adoption was mostly just a theory, Russia was very much on our radar for some reason. Back when adoption was more of a theory than a reality for our family we figured it best to set those dreams aside until our biological kids were older. Maybe when the house was paid off. When we would have time and energy to breathe, to invest fully in a child who might need a bit more from his parents than these two distracted Jesus-loving sinners might have.

But you know what happens when you make a plan right?

Jesus laughs in your face. Loudly.

I was the Mama to an eight year old boy and six year old twin girls when we first met our youngest son, who was also six at the time, 2 months younger than our twins. He came to us through a local hosting program. We signed up for the program with no intentions other than to make some new friends, give our home schooled kids a bit of a lesson in Russian culture, and spoil someone else’s kid rotten for a few weeks before sending them home full of sugar and memories.

And we had a blast. We broke all sorts of “good parenting rules” that summer. Including feeding the poor chap ice cream for dinner. Because his chaperons weren't around to tell us not to.

So there.

For the better part of his stay, we introduced our visitor to all of our “wealthy” friends in our best effort of finding him a loving home with people who might have the time, money and energy to pursue international adoption.  Because we were not that family.

No really. We weren't.

Towards the end of his little visit, I was walking through the church parking lot when Jesus smacked me square in the face with a “stop trying to sell your son” sort of conviction. The sort of conviction that shook me to my core and made me cry for days.

How else do you respond to such an earth shattering revelation?

I had a million excuses as to why we were the wrong family for this child (most of them were quite good in my feeble mind I might add). But at the end of the day Jesus wasn’t interested in listening to our whining, and granted us custody anyway.

And as I sit here, on this side of the Russian adoption ban I think about what would have happened to my sweet little boy with dancing blue eyes if we hadn’t listened to that call a few years back. I thank God for calling us before we were ready so our son could find the hope and freedom that come from adoption.

Listen to me when I say our journey through parenting one of God’s special children has not been an easy one. Our son will struggle for the rest of his life because of the mistakes made by people in his past. So Hallmark movie my life is not.


God is bigger than my son’s disabilities. His anxieties. His outright defiance which drives me batty. There are so many beautiful stories of God’s faithfulness I could share with you, all because I said yes to a troubled boy when any sane person would have said no.

Elissa Peterson is a rather distracted Jesus loving Mama who likes to pretend she has her act together. She blogs about her own particular version of crazy on her blog:


  1. What a beautiful story!! God is so amazing!
    You are simply amazing and such an inspiration.

    We are in the beginning stages of becoming foster parents. We begin training for
    5 1/2 weeks on August 6th. Then after that, it's only just a matter of time (God's perfect timing) until we get our first child! We are so beyond excited to see what God has in store!

    1. That is exciting! I will be praying for you, your family and the child who will join your home!




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