Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Beauty of Adoption and "You Were Always in My Heart" Giveaway

I've been mulling over what to say in this post for quite some time. I wanted it to be special because adoption is so special to me, and this book I get to giveaway is just precious. As I was thinking about my life and my journey to adoption, it suddenly hit me . . . 

Adoption has always been in my heart.

From the time I was small, my favorite books were those about orphans or children whose parents were absent (A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, the Chronicles of Narnia, the Mandie books, Anne of Green Gables. etc). All the short stories I wrote were about orphans. I remember my mom asking me once why I keep writing about orphans. I didn't know why, of course, at the time, but now I see it as the Holy Spirit, softening my heart and preparing me for God's future plans. In high school, I remember reading an article about a family adopting a girl from China and I had a fleeting romantic thought that I would like one have a little Asian daughter.

Then life went on. I got married and dreamed of having little red headed children, until God smashed that dream with His more AWESOME plan involving raven headed beauties.

He gently reminded me of the vision and the calling He placed deep within me that I had long since pushed out in lieu of my own ideas and desire.

When my heart and eyes were open to the wonderful plan He had through adoption, He revealed that my children, who have always been in my heart, were waiting for me!

This is why I LOVE this book. It evokes exactly how I feel in a way my Children can understand and it helps them to understand the process of adoption. They may not have been born of my physical body, but they were born in my heart. 

Adoptive Mamas, if you do not have this book, you need it! It is such a lovely way to introduce to the concept of adoption to your children. Or, if you know someone who is adopting for the first time, this would make a lovely thoughtful gift! 

You can feel the heart of Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman emanating from the pages and the illustrations by Mary Beth's brother, Jim, are just precious. 

You Were Always in My Heart by Mary Beth & Steven Curtis Chapman
*ages 4-7
*Delightful story will resonate with adopted children and adoptive parents
*Celebrates the special gift of adoption
*Helps all children appreciate how much adopted children are loved

Experience the Book:

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  1. How to fit this all into a little comment?!? We had just begun the adoption process after a loooong battle with infertility. Before we could do our formal application, we learned of a baby girl who would be born...in 3 weeks! We expedited everything, got our home study done, found an attorney in FL (we are in PA, our daughter was in FL) and did it privately. The day after her original due date (when the MD said at least 7-10 more days - HA!) we got a call that mom was in labor and we needed to get to FL. We started driving and M was born when we were in GA. Got to bring her "home" (to my SIL's house to wait for clearance to come back to PA). Almost ONE MONTH later, we got a call from the state of FL saying that we could head back to PA. Adoption finalized 3 months after that and our daughter is now 3. We are very blessed to have an open relationship with her family, who now lives in TX. Starting adoption #2 now - working on our formal application. Pray for us - and the expectant family, too! ~Becky Wenrich

    1. I'm so glad you shared your story and that I found your blog!!! Will be praying for your new adoption!!

  2. Love to hear about your family. We are getting so close to going to China to get our son, in August! You can see our blog for the details! www.paulfamilyadoption.blogspot.com

    1. I am looking forward to following your adoption! We will be praying for you guys! So exciting!!!

  3. Hi there! We just received our home-study approval yesterday in the mail! Our little Riley has been with us for three months and hopefully the adoption should be final by fall.

    He is two years old and a precious handful.

    I completely relate to what you said about it always being in your heart... Thank you for this opportunity!

  4. we dont have an adoption story yet but God has placed it in the heart of myself and my hubby.. praying for the right time!

    1. It will be exciting to see what God has planned for you!!!

  5. Thank you Suzanne! I had not heard of this book and I definitely want it with our little guy coming home very soon. :)

    1. Yay!!! Praying for you guys and your sweet little one!




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