Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My precious babies . . .

Precious are the sounds of my daughter quoting scriptures at night before bed and my son reading scripture first in Chinese and then in English .

Precious are the thoughts that enter their head about God which they then voice.

Precious is the fact that children who came to us from far far away are singing praise songs to Jesus.

My precious children bless me more each day than I ever thought possible. As we share our faith, love and life with them, it is amazing to watch the Holy Spirit at work in their lives.

Here are a few tidbits from our week.

While standing in line at H-E-B, Anthony devised a plan. He announced that we should buy all the balloons in the store so we could fly to heaven to see God.

Conversation I overheard between my children after Anthony and I had a lengthy discussion about our weekly character quality, Respect, which involved being patient with his little sister.

Picture Grace sitting on the floor playing with duplos. Enter Anthony.

Anthony (upon plopping down on the floor next to Grace): "Grace, I can help you!"
Grace: "No! I will do it myself!"
Anthony (quite calmly): "Grace, Jesus says to be patient and nice. I'm just trying to help you."
Grace: "No! I want to do it! Then you can do it! I am sharing!"

LOL, Love this on so many levels! First, I love that Anthony is starting to understand the things we are teaching him about Jesus. Second, I love that you can so clearly see that Grace is a three year old but that she is trying to share. :)

Please join us in praying for our precious children as we introduce God to them and pray for the Holy Spirit to move in their lives!


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