Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Celebrating my dad . . .

This is a week to celebrate dads! As father's day is quickly approaching, I wanted to share a few thoughts about my amazing dad!


"In Honor of My Father"




Unwavering Faith.


Just one look was all I needed.

Bear hugs and sloppy kisses.

Old movies and musicals late at night.

Jurassic Park at the movies with friends.

Ice Cream Cones from Braums.

Driving lessons at a local park.

Cool fall evenings at high school football games.

Senior year.

2 AM knock on the door.


Can't breathe.

Where is my Bible?

What to read?

"Just open it, precious one."


"I AM. . . ."

"A father to the fatherless and a defender of widows." (Ps. 68:5a)

Peace in the midst of a grief filled storm.


Blessings to all this week as we celebrate our earthly fathers and our heavenly Father!

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