Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekly Wednesday Word - Wonder

Imagine spending your whole life up to a point,

in one city,

without a car,

living in either a foster home or orphanage,

seeing and experiencing things you can't describe and want to forget,

never going anywhere,

having only one toy at a time and no birthday parties,

finding very little love,


someone comes along and chooses to rescue you.

You are now part of a family.

You are loved unconditionally.

What a beautiful picture of our redemption.

We sit in our sin not even knowing what we were missing,


we learn of His love and His sacrifice to rescue us from our sin and despair.

Now we can spend eternity with God,

as co-heirs with Christ,

loved unconditionally by the one true God! 

Do you remember the WONDER of being a new believer,

voraciously consuming as much knowledge as you could about God?

Do you remember being in AWE of God?

Are you still in AWE of Him?

Watching a newly adopted child experience things for the first time is an amazing experience and over the past three months, we have been blessed to witness many firsts in life of our new son.

My favorite is the WONDER of excitement in child as he sees the beach and ocean for the first time.


Enjoy this video and pictures of Anthony experiencing the beach for the first time.

May it spark in you a desire to look again on our Savior with that same feeling of AWE and WONDER you had when you first believed!

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  1. I love your family picture...and that video of Anthony is awesome!
    Thanks for sharing peeks of Grace & Anthony with us. I thank God for your sweet family.




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