Monday, April 29, 2013

Tommy Nelson Prayers for Boys/Prayers for Girls Giveaway - I LOVE this book!!!

Do you think often about how to teach your children how to pray and talk with God?

I long for them to experience the joy of talking to God about anything anywhere just as Jesus modeled for us.  Aside from us praying with them regularly, it is always wonderful to find a resource to help. This little precious book that Tommy Nelson has provided as a giveaway this month is exactly what I was looking for!

I have been reading Prayers for Girls with Grace, and we love it!

The book has a wonderful message teaching children that they can pray anywhere about anything and He will listen. It also covers thanking and praising God, asking for forgiveness, praying for loved ones, taking your worries to Him and trusting Him. I just LOVE this book and they customized it for boys and girls!

Check out the flip book link below to see inside the books!

Prayers for Girls 

Prayers for Boys

P.S. Sorry it took me so long to get this post up. This book has become a favorite of Grace's, and she put it in a "safe place" so we had a little trouble finding it for my review. :)

Sign up below to win your copy of this book! The Good News . . . the winner can choose if they want the boy or girl version!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. This sounds like a wonderful book! If I win I'd choose the girl's book. Of course, then I'd have to buy another girl's book and two boy's books for the other grandkids! I've been blessed to be able to share dinner & bedtime prayer with Charlotte often.

  2. My kids usually pray at mealtime and bedtime! But I'm really trying to teach them the importance of talking to God anytime!

  3. We usually pray at each meal and bedtime. And if we're in the car and an ambulance races past we pray, too. ~Becky Wenrich

  4. We ask them directly to pray before school, at meal times, and before bed but try to pray whenever we feel the leading at other times too!

  5. Suzanne, I love to pray with Jack...recently we started PRAY prayers (Praise, Repent, Ask and thank YOU). It's been very helpful. I would love to have this book! Love you! Meg

  6. Someone once told me that it is so important to model for our kids that we can pray anytime, anywhere, anyway. So even at A's young age I try to model this. We do the standard bedtime and mealtime prayers as a family but sometimes in the car I pray out loud for a sick friend of A
    s or that she has a good day at school, etc.

  7. We try and model that anywhere, anytime, anyway model to prayer to teach A about having a pray without ceasing attitude.

  8. I pray with my grandson when he is over at my house for meals.

  9. Thanks you all for your great comments! This little book really is fabulous!




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