Monday, April 15, 2013

"I Will Tell the Truth" Hermie & Friends DVD Giveaway from Tommy Nelson!

Do you remember the first time you told a lie?

I have a very distinct memory of my first conscious choice to lie. I spilled water on the floor, and when my mom asked me what happened, I made a calculated decision to lie in order to avoid punishment. I told my mom that our dog, Jessie, had gone to the bathroom on the floor. Of course, being such a silly lie, my mom saw right through it. :)

This week I have a great tool to giveaway that you can use as an aid in addressing the sin of lying. Grace and Anthony sat transfixed by this DVD from Tommy Nelson which provides you with the opportunity to discuss telling the truth with your children!

*ages 4-7
*animated DVD
*From the beloved Hermie and Friends brand
*Christian values presented as part of a “Grow with Hermie” program
*two full-length episodes
*Focuses on teaching kids to tell the truth and apologize
*Demonstrates that there are consequences to sin

In the first episode, "Flo the Lyin' Fly", Flo discovers that telling false stories for fun leads to her friends not believing her later when she is telling the truth. In the end, Flo learns that you don't have to lie to impress your friends or God. God loves all of us and desires that we follow His command to tell the truth. 

The second episode, "The Flo Show Creates a Buzz", finds Flo getting her own talk show where she talks about her friends to boost ratings without considering their feelings. She learns the importance of apologizing and remembering to put others before herself. 

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  1. My daughter loves these! Great give away

  2. Hope to win this for my kids! :)

  3. I would love to share this DVD with my grandbabies!




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