Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Adoption Adventures

This week held a first for both Anthony and myself.

Anthony experienced his first Tae Kwon Do (TKD) Belt test and I experienced my first crazy mom reaction. :)

What are you talking about, Suzanne?

Well, Anthony had been practicing all week for his TKD test. He had the form, self-defense moves, and everything down cold. I was excited to watch him perform at his test! This is where the first problem arose. Due to my work schedule, I could only stay for 30 minutes. Naturally, Anthony had not gone by the time I  had to leave, so I sadly got up and left. As I arrived at work, Adam sent me a text that said, "He failed his form." I proceeded to spiral down into despair over this. First, I blamed myself for leaving before he went, and then I thought about how he must be confused and overwhelmed by the procedures since he still doesn't understand English well. Through all this, I was sending Adam a flurry of crazy text messages. Then, Adam finally let me know that he still passed and got his orange belt, because he did awesome on everything else, and they knew he knew his knew his form based on class. He basically froze.

As I contemplated all this, I was honestly a bit shocked with my reaction. I have always held myself to extremely high standards, but I have had yet to experience it when it comes to my children since Grace is so young. Their failures feel like my failures and their triumphs like my triumphs. They are an extension of me providing me with more opportunities to hand my worry and anxiety off to God. Additionally, while I may have gone to a crazy place in my thoughts in regard to Anthony, I realized how my love for him and desire to protect him is a small imperfect picture of how God sees us.

I love how experiencing parenthood unveils before us so much about our relationship with God!

Blessing to all this weekend! I will have my next giveaway up this weekend!!

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