Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Adoption Adventure - 3 Months Home!!

I can't believe it has just been three months since we brought home our precious son! I thought I would take today to give you a quick update on his progress. Obviously, every child will adjust and attach to their new family in their own unique way, but I hope this provides some source of encouragement to those considering or embarking on older child adoption. Is it always easy? Of course not, but it is an amazing and rewarding journey of mountain top highs and valley lows with the ever present hand of the Lord at work in ways you never thought possible!

Our primary focus with school remains Math, English Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, and Sunday Chinese language school.

His English is quite amazing. We rarely use the translator in everyday life. I still use it for school, but that is to be expected for a while. 

Speaking of school, he is such a smart boy. He is a second grader, but we have him in Saxon Math 3! I am so proud of his math ability! 

I was using Explode the Code for a while for his reading but have decided to beef up his phonics work and started All About Reading this week which I am loving! I have already seen a marked improvement in his reading and sounding out of words. I will still use Explode the Code for supplementation, but I feel that for someone who is new to the language, a little more explanation and repetition is needed. Anyone else ever find it difficult to decipher what some of the Explode the Code pictures are depicting?! LOL :) I figure if it is hard for me (an English major), imagine how he must feel!

For handwriting, we are using Getty-Dubay method. He just finished their basic italic printing book and today began the basic and cursive italic book, so his next big task will be to start learning cursive.

He has Chinese language school once a week on Sunday afternoons, and it generates quite a bit of homework. Most of homework consists of him writing out Chinese characters. I have NO IDEA what it is or what he is doing! :)

Additionally, I have been throwing in some character quality study, starting with Obey/Disobey! So, as you can imagine , I hear of lot, "Mommy, Grace is disobeying!"

I am gearing him up to begin the classical program Tapestry of Grace in Fall with Apologia Astronomy added in as well. I am getting super excited as I watch his progress! 

For his extracurricular activities, he is thriving in Tae Kwon Do and is testing for his orange belt next week! I will be sure to post pictures! He is also part of a soccer team through the YMCA which he also thoroughly enjoys. In fact, he is taking part in his first official game this Saturday!! Finally, he can ride a bicycle without training wheels!! At first, he was adamant about wanting the training wheels, but after about a week, he just decided he wanted them off. So Adam obliged, he got on, and just knew how to ride. He came running inside yelling, "I don't know! I can ride bicycle!" Precious precious moment to see the express joy on his face!

How is he fitting in to our family? Like he has always been a part of it! It is just amazing to see the transformation in a child as he or she grows, develops and opens up as attachment increases and the child becomes secure in their new family's love. Such a marvelous gift from God!

One of the hardest things for me is thinking of all the time we missed out on in their precious little lives! I want to savor every moment and memory now! 

Anthony - Before Adoption and After Adoption

Grace - Before Adoption and After Adoption

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  1. Suzanne, That is beautiful. We too have adopted two children - ours are from Ghana. We also have 3 biological grown kids nad 12 grandchildren. What a blessing children are from the Lord. blessings, AMy




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