Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weekly Wednesday Word - Beautiful

My children are BEAUTIFUL. God made every one of their fingers and toes PERFECT. Will the world see it this way? Not always, but we know God designed each and every one of us for His glory!

"For you created my inmost being; 
you knit me together in my mother's womb. 
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; 
your works are wonderful, I know that full well." 
(Ps. 139:13-14, NIV)

Last night we had an amazing and heart breaking conversation with Anthony that started innocently about school and led him to reveal some of his thoughts about his birth mother. As adoptive parents, we all know this day will come (and yes, it does take you by surprise).

When adopting from China, we don't know why birth parents choose to abandon children. There are a myriad of reasons if could be, but all this is speculation. The fact remains that we don't know why their birth parents had to make these hard and difficult choices. 

What we do know is this, Anthony and Grace,


We CHOSE you just as God CHOSE us.

We will LOVE you FOREVER.


Anthony seemed to understand all this, and we prayed last night that he really did understand how BEAUTIFUL he is. Then God gave us the following confirmation this morning to remind us that He is CONTROL and at work!

Currently, when I not listening to K-Love, I am listening to an old Francesca Battistelli's album, "My Paper Heart". I can get pretty lost in singing along in the car as I'm sure we all have done from time to time. Well, as one song ends, I hear Anthony pipe up in the back. "I like Beautiful Beautiful! Again, Mommy!" My heart practically stopped in my chest when I heard this. The song he had connected with, is Battistelli's song, "Beautiful, Beautiful"

Like sunlight burning at midnight 
Making my life something so
Beautiful, beautiful
Mercy reaching to save me
All that I need
You are so
Beautiful, beautiful


But God wasn't finished. He continued to work, revealing the work of His Holy Spirit in Anthony's life. The second time we got into the car, Anthony's other favorite song came on, Audio Adrenline's, "Kings and Queens". I always sing along but I hadn't really listened to the words until today. 

Little hands, shoeless feet
Lonely eyes looking back at me
Will we leave behind the innocent too brief
On their own, on the run
When their lives have only begun
These could be our daughters and our sons
And just like a drum I can hear their hearts beating
I know my God won't let them be defeated
Every child has a dream to belong and be loved
Boys become kings, girls will be queens
Wrapped in Your majesty
When we love, when we love the least of these
Then they will be brave and free
Shout Your name in victory
When we love, when we love the least of these
When we love the least of these

Break our hearts once again
Help us to remember when
We were only children hoping for a friend
Won't you look around
These are the lives that the world has forgotten
Waiting for doors of our hearts and our homes to open


If not us, who will be like Jesus
To the least of these
If not us tell me who will be like Jesus
Like Jesus to the least of these    

I have nothing left to say but thank you, Heavenly Father (with tears in my eyes)!  

I leave you with one question. Will we love like Jesus?


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