Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tales of "Pretty Flower" Part 2

Ahh, weddings. I love weddings. Weddings provide an outlet for the romantic in me to emerge without shame (yes, I have read every Janette Oak book ever written :) ).

Grace had the pleasure of being a flower girl (or "pretty flower" as she calls it) in her second wedding. Adam's brother, Taylor, married the lovely Naomi last weekend. Grace was previously in Adam's sister, Ashley's wedding to her handsome Chris! Check out my previous post Tales of "Pretty Flower" Part 1 for a refresher! Finally, Grace and I will be my precious niece Lindsay's wedding in June! A whirlwind of weddings!

As the wedding festivities were winding down, Adam (the best man) and I reminisced about our wedding and honeymoon. What lovely memories and what a special time in our lives. 

Take a moment and think back to your wedding if you are married. What hopes and dreams did you have? Were they broken and shattered or did they turn out more or less like you expected? I would say my romantic notions were quite far from the reality, you might even say they were shattered and broken, but I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. When I look at the journey God has taken us on over the past thirteen years of marriage, it is an adventure far beyond anything I had dreamed up in my finite mind, and frankly much more exciting and unpredictable than I had imagined. I am so thankful that God had different plans! 

We can't have a post about weddings with out a few pictures. . . . ENJOY!

June 24, 2000 - Oh my, do we look young! Oh wait, we were young! :)

Grace and the Bride

Getting Ready!

Grace slept for a good two hours during and after the wedding!

Good times with friends and family!

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