Thursday, March 7, 2013

Friday Adoption Adventures Link up - I am a Mommy!!

Let's start with a challenge! How many times a day do you hear some form of Mommy cried out by your precious children? Too many times to count? Anthony and Grace have numerous ways they use my name every few minutes. Sometimes it is simply to address to me, sometimes in annoyance, sometimes in frustration, sometimes in anger, and finally, with love and joy. It is amazing that my name can even be used as a simple exclamation. "Oh, Mommy!" But no matter how may times I hear my name called, whether in pain, sorrow, anger or joy, there is a place in my heart that leaps with delight (even in those times when I want to pull out hair :) ) because there was a time when I wasn't sure if I would ever get to hear that name called out. Thanks to God's direction and the blessings of adoption, I am a MOM!!!  Praise be to our God and Father who entrusts children to care!

Blog Highlight of the Week

The Castleberry Family
Check out my friend and fellow Okie's blog, Stuff and Things! Tiffany blogs about faith, family, homeschooling and adoption stuff. Us Okies gotta stick together! :)

Blog Link Up!

I have been intending to get this up and running on Fridays for quite some time and it is finally ready!

Grab the Friday Adoption Adventures blog button and share your adventures in adoption below!! I love reading adoption journeys and look forward to connecting with other bloggers who have walked this path before me or are walking alongside me. Let's support one another!
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