Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Adoption Adventures - Just like me . . .

Have you ever looked at your adopted children and thought man I wish he/she hadn't inherited my (fill in the blank)! Then, stopped yourself, laughed for minute at your thoughts, and smiled enormously because that is real love and attachment. That is what we long for from that first day of our new child enters our home. That is when you know your attachment is growing and expanding. Those thoughts are such a blessing to my soul.

My blessings!

Blog Highlight of the Week

For the next three weeks, I am going to highlight the blogs of my lovely and amazing co-administrators at We Are Grafted In. I have the privilege of working with three ladies to encourage adoptive families and want to share their hearts with you!

I would like to start with Kelly Raudenbush. Due to her passion and love for adoptive families, she developed We Are Grafted In and the Sparrow Fund. She is true inspiration to me! You can follow her life and adventures at My Overthinking.

Adoption Blog Link Up! 

Let's share our thoughts and experiences with Adoption! 

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I can't wait to hear how God is working!

Surpassing Greatness

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