Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Adoption Adventure - Homeschooling an Older Child

HOMESCHOOLING!! What an adventure! I'm writing this while Anthony is taking a math test!! :)

God put homeschooling on our hearts for a multitude of reasons. Now that I have been working with Anthony for about a month, God's reasoning is even more evident to me!

Bonding and Attachment
The process of school each day and our time spent together, just the two of us, is incredibly important for both of us. First, he really does enjoy working with me, and I with him. When it is time, he is ready and waiting for me with a smile. Sure, there are times when he doesn't want to do certain things, but he does them anyway and gets excited when I praise him for doing a good job. He immediately goes to work on making corrections when he gets an incorrect answer because he wants to get the right answer!

It is so obvious how much he craves the time spent with Adam and I and how he seeking to make the bonds that are typically formed at birth. It is a miracle unfolding before our very eyes.

Understanding His Character
Through time, God is giving me insight into his character, how he learns and how he responds to different scenarios. It is eye opening and rewarding to see his character develop and open us before me.

Is homeschooling the easy option? No, it is a lot of hard work! I have to take time to prepare lessons, and I  had to give up what I used to cherish during Grace's nap as "me" time. But is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!! Is it what God desires for us right now?! ABSOLUTELY!!

I LOVE working with him daily and can not wait for his English to improve so we can delve more into literature, history, and science.
I LOVE seeing his smiling face when he gets something right or understands it for the first time!
I LOVE hearing his sweet voice work to form sentences or try to ask me a question in English.
I LOVE the freedom I have to create a curriculum that works best for him.
I LOVE that it is a learning process for both of us, and I look forward to seeing where it takes us!
I LOVE that it is hard work, because it forces me to turn to God, and in turn, allows Him to push me to excel and train my children in the way they should go!

You know, it's funny to think that just a couple of years ago, when I thought about homeschooling, I would laugh to myself and say, "oh, that is definitely not for me!" But God took hold of me and said, "Suzanne, this is what I want for you and your children right now" and my heart changed, and now I am loving something I thought I couldn't possibly do or enjoy. . . . a little like Abraham's Sarah. :)

Blog Highlight of the Week!

The Corkum Family!
Check Melissa Corkum's Blog, The Cork Board! She is an inspiration to me as they have adopted older children and are already walking the path we have just begun. They are homeschooling and using a classical curriculum which is what I intend to use once we get over the ESL hump. I am so thankful for her posts about homeschooling, ESL and adoption! She is an invaluable resource!! Thanks, Melissa, for sharing your life, insights and resources with us!!

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