Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Heaven is Real for Kids GIVEAWAY

I have had several amazing moments with Anthony where I can detect the Holy Spirit at work in his life. He has asked me over the translator some of the following questions:

"What is sin?"
"Where does Jesus live?"
Where does God live?"

It is so wonderful to see God at work in His life and I am so looking forward to many more conversations. 

Today, we got into the car, I started it up, and as usual K-Love was on, but at a fairly low volume. The following happened:
Anthony: "Mommy (he has finally stopped calling me Mother!), turn up. I like."
Me (incredulous): "You like this song! I didn't think you were listening!" 

This was just a reminder again of how everything we say and do and everything going on around us is being absorbed by our children. Praise God that he has connected with a song like this! He even tried to sing along which is super cute because he doesn't really know the words. 

Of course, one of my greatest desires for my children is for them to have a personal relationship with God, to know and obey Him and know that all we believe and all that is in the Bible is real. This week's Giveaway is of the book "Heaven is for Real for Kids" as told by Colton Burpo to his parents, Todd and Sonja Burpo and illustrated by Wilson Ong. This book will be a great tool to teach my children about what they have to look forward to when they are forever with our Heavenly Father. Each page is based on a scripture verse and paints a powerful picture for children of what heaven is like through words and pictures
So sign up below to win your very own copy of this best selling book!

Here are few other resources that Tommy Nelson provides to compliment this book. Check them out as well!


  1. My first memory of thoughts of heaven is probably when I was about 6. My Papa was mugged. He had hemophilia so when he was hit over the head, it caused internal bleeding and I was told he would probably die. I had learned about heaven in church but hadn't thought about it really. I remember thinking it wouldn't be bad if Papa died because he would be in heaven and it was nice and he wouldn't bleed anymore.

  2. Hi, is it only for those from the USA? Or we Hungarians can join, too?

  3. Hearing about the streets paved of gold.....

  4. So sorry Lilla, this is only for U.S. residents.

    My first memory of heaven was when I first learned that God is eternal. I remember thinking about how He had no beginning and no end and then I thought about where He lives and how amazing it must be in heaven. But then I thought, he can't be contained in heaven, and I was in awe! :)

  5. My first memory of heaven was a dream I had around the age 6. It was far more beautiful and detailed than a 6 year old could imagine.

  6. gosh, i dont know my first thought about heaven, but ever since the "heaven" series max taught at church a few years back heaven has become something i think about much more often!

    suzanne, i've loved reading your blog and fb updates about the adoptions...i'd love to catch up with you one day and visit!

  7. I don't think I've ever thought about heaven in respect to what it will look like. I've thought as far back as I can remember that seeing Jesus is something too awesome to even fathom. I didn't grow up going to church or being taught the bible... I was about 14 or 15 when a nice older woman at a local youth outreach center talked to me about salvation.




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